fgms 0.13.5
FlightGear MultiPlayer Server
MP Network

The FlightGear MultiPlayer network consists of around 20++ (circa 2013) running servers.

  • These servers are public internet facing contributed by various parties.
  • Public servers are meant to run permanently on a host, and let players connect to them for free
  • Typically there are around 10 to 60 players on the network circa 2013.

The main Hub Server (server.is_hub ) is currently mpserver01, hosted by oliver


  • The mpservers are subdomains of flightgear.org
    • eg: mpserver14.flightgear.org
  • The DNS entries are maintained by the flightgear-developers
  • There is no automated or "official" list at present, but the latest servers are expected to be on the FlightGear wiki page
To make any changes, or to be added to DNS contact the FlightGear developers on the FG Mailing List


  • On the FlightGear Mp network operates the servers in a HUB environment.
  • This means, that traffic from clients received at 'leave'-servers is only relayed to a (one or more) 'HUB'-server(s).
  • The HUB then sends the data to all known relay servers.
  • The HUB-configuration takes some of the traffic load off leave nodes, as they just relay to one (or more) HUB servers.
  • Currently mpserver01.flightgear.org is the only hub.
Above you can see the traffic flow in a HUB environment

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