fgms 0.13.5
FlightGear MultiPlayer Server
[FIX] ignore SIGPIPE on *nix and do not expect signals on sockets
(fixes problems with the tracker)
[FIX] using "-std=c++11" so nullptr can be used
(fixes compile issue with clang)
[FIX] fixed a major bug which prevented packet forwarding
at all.
[FIX] fixed a minor bug which prevented
forwarding of packets with MsgID != FGFS::POS_DATA
[NEW] honour client provided radar range
[NEW] show client provided radar range in cli
[NEW] show client protocol version in CLI
[FIX] fgms only checks major version of client protocol
it's strongly suggested to increase the minor version if
the protocol has changed at all, increase the major version
if the new version is incompatible to previous versions
[NEW] added a whitelist, configurable via config file and cli
That way a client can whitelist its uplink, whithout the
need to configure the uplink as a valid relay.
[NEW] Ping Packets
fgms responds to PING packets (MsgID 9)
Packet is sent verbatim back to sender, only the MsgID is
set to PONG (ID 10).
It's up to fgfs to make something out of it.
[NEW] Serverside configurable value of MaxRadarRange, default 2000 nm
[FIX] fg_tracker:
if we receive a SIGPIPE, try to reconnect to tracker
[NEW] fg_cli:
the number of lines to display before pausing is now
configurable (with 'pager' command).
[FIX] config file:
renamed server.domain to server.FQDN
(!!! update config file !!!)
[FIX] make ReplyAdress usable as RadarRange
[RM] Obsolete FGTracker v1
[MISC] Update Authors, install and todo list
[FIX] Wrong LOG message. Address issue #10
[OTS] Bump version 0.12.1