fgms 0.11.8
FlightGear MultiPlayer Server
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 12]
 CcDaemonImplement everything necessary to become a daemon
 CFG_CONFIGSimple config file parser
 CFG_ListElementRepresent a generic list element
 CFG_PlayerRepresent a Player
 CFG_SERVERThe Main fgms Class
 CFG_TRACKERThe tracker class
 CFGExternalMotionDataMotion Message
 CFGFloatPropertyDataProperty Data
 CFG_CLICisco like command line interface
 CLIBCLI::Command< C >
 CloglevelLogstream manipulator for setting the log level of a message
 Clogstream_baseA helper class
 ClogstreamClass to manage the debug logging stream
 CmT_FG_List< T >Generic list implementation for fgms
 CmT_FG_List< FG_ListElement >
 CmT_FG_List< FG_Player >
 CnetAddressSocket address, internet style
 CnetSocketSocket type
 ClogstreamClass to manage the debug logging stream
 ClogbufLogbuf is an output-only streambuf
 CT_MsgHdrThe header sent as the first part of all mp message packets
 CT_PositionMsgA Position Message
 CT_PropertyMsgProperty Message